Certification procedure

Certification procedure

Vendors become members of Acquiris to obtain a right of usage of the C-TAP specifications.

While it is mainly Acquiris and the vendor that interact, other parties are involved as well, stage-by-stage:

  • preliminary to the Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) and as required by major card schemes: EMVCo and PCI SSC certifications, whereby Acquiris will verify the validity of these certificates delivered by these third-parties;
  • Functional Acceptance Testing by Acquiris accredited labs;
  • The acquirers / acquiring processors performing “non-disturbance testing” – a preproduction check of FAT-certified terminals against their in-house testing (optional at the acquirers or processor discretion).
Outside the scope of Acquiris:
  • when imposed by schemes to their acquiring members: terminal integration processes such as MasterCard M-TIP, Visa ADVT …;
  • when imposed by national banking communities or additional security certifications.
Optional C-TAP Terminal Self-Certification:

Acquiris is introducing as from C-TAP v11.0 Terminal Self-Certification by the Terminal Vendor and Accredited Lab validation of the Terminal Self-Certification as an additional option to the existing FAT certification performed by an Accredited Lab.

The certification framework is described in the Terminal Certification Framework “TC.Framework” and the appendix B of this framework “TC.Certification Procedure”. These documents are part of the membership agreement and are available to members.